Indigestion Tablets

Indigestion tablets, also known as antacids, are tablets that you can buy over the counter in chemists and general stores. People take indigestion remedies to help them get rid of problems with digestion such as stomach acidity and heartburn.

Many indigestion problems are basically caused by an excess of stomach acids. These acids are meant to play a natural part of the digestive process but sometimes they are produced in high amounts which can cause problems. These acids can then rise up from the stomach and burn the gullet or can cause problems with stomach issues such as ulcers and so on. In many cases indigestion tablets can deal with these problems at source.

Indigestion tablets are made from special substances that are designed to neutralise stomach acids. This would then cause the problems and symptoms caused by stomach acid to be alleviated. Most tablets of this kind are made from a form of base salt which naturally counteracts the effects of the acids by making it reduce production and/or become less acidic.

Most people take indigestion tablets every now and then when they suffer from heartburn or an excess of stomach acid. This often happens after a big or heavy meal which puts the stomach under pressure – the antacids can be a quick and simple way of making you feel better by dealing with the problem.

Indigestion tablets are made from a variety of substances, usually natural salts. Typical ingredients include sodium bicarbonate and magnesium hydroxide. Some tablets are also made from aluminium hydroxide and magnesium trisilicate. In some cases these ingredients can also be used to help with other related indigestion problems such as an excess of wind.

Traditionally indigestion tablets have been chalky like substances that were designed to be sucked or chewed to release their active ingredients. In recent years it has also become quite common to find tablets in a chewable form which many find easier and more palatable to eat. These are often flavoured with mint or fruit flavours as well.

It's not generally recommended to take indigestion tablets all of the time unless recommended by your doctor. They can have side effects and may also mask symptoms of more serious problems or conditions. The instructions given on a pack of tablets will give further guidance on how long they should be taken for and any potential side effects to look out for and so on.